Our Mission

What we have seen time and time again are comic collectors closely inspecting third-party graded comics to determine quality. Why? And What are they looking for?

We know.

When third-party companies grade comic books, they merely supply them with overall grades, quickly naming some of the cons and defects. We know that doesn't cut it, collectors yearn to know more!

Comic collectors want to know about the positive qualities, qualities that will help a book stand out against the competition.

A book can have a 9.6 NM perfect spine and a rather unfortunate tear on the back cover. With third-party labels, that book sits at 7.0, and its flawless spine ceases to exist.

Our goal is to fix that problem, which is why we've come up with QES. At QES, every book that gets submitted will be carefully evaluated in order to find its superior features, rather than allowing shortcomings to define its condition.

With the introduction of the QES Label and its accompanying criteria, we are effectively improving image and worth, by picking up on the details, the good details.

Tales of Suspense 39
Tales of Suspense 39


QES Certification Label

The QES tamper-proof label is a sign of quality and distinction. It cuts through the clutter. It communicates to collectors and investors alike that a book has positive qualities that make it stand out in a crowded field.

But it is not just a label. It brings with it a series of criteria that justifies the label. Criteria that collectors and investors want to and need to know about.

Criteria that focus on crucial areas of a given comic book such as color strike, spine quality, cover edge quality, and staple placement just to name a few.

Collectors and Investors want to know: Why this book? QES answers that question.


Turnaround times are estimated business days. Each book that qualifies gets a QES Label on the front of the case. A secondary label on the back lists the positive criteria that were met. Value of a comic is the current retail value.

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